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"Sawatdee” is well known as thai greeting like Hello, Welcome.

At Sawadtee thai restaurant you get a genuine thai experience, of course served by the best ingredients. Our thai chefs and waiters will give you a tasty experience, and a pleasant atmosphere.



Two restaurants

Sawatdee Thai Restaurant was first opened in Øvrelanggate, December 3rd, 2009.

We are proud do announce our ten years of serving here in the heart of Tønsberg. Here you can enjoy fantastic and genuine thai food and drinks surrounded by palmtrees and sit on our lovely inside balcony. 



Sawatdee Restaurant & Bar opened at Tønsberg´s pier during the summer of 2018.

Here you can eat deliciuos thai food and watch sport

while enjoing the beautiful view of the harbour.

During the weekends you can enjoy our

cool thai cocktails until late and dance at 2nd floor.

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In Thailand, food is the central focus of people’s lives.

In virtually every aspect of their lives, from simple get-togethers to important ceremonies, food is at the heart of it all.

Thai cooking is very distinct. Its rich textures and aromatic qualities are easily identifiable and what gives Thai food its distinctive character is a harmony in its tastes. The traditional taste of Thai food lies in the combination of four key tastes; sweet, salty, sour and bitter which balance together to

give you its exquisite taste.


In Thai cooking, specific herbs are used, such as lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, Thai basil and mint along with pastes.

One of the most important things about Thai food and Thai cuisine is its lightness, heat and its passionate smell long before it arrives at the dining table. It is also one of the healthiest cuisines and in Thai restaurants, food is only cooked once its ordered which allows guests to specify exactly what they want or don’t want included in their dishes.



It is our belief that as long as we are creative and creating this extraordinary culinary and cultural experience for our guests, we will accomplish our goal.

Thai Restaurant
Restaurant & Bar



Øvrelanggate 65

3110, Tønsberg

Man - Tirs: 1500 - 2100

​Ons - Fre: 1130 - 2100

Lør: 1200- 2200, Søn: 1400 - 2100

Fre-Lør: Åpent til senest kl 24:00



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Nedre Langgate 28c

3110, Tønsberg

Mandag: Stengt

Tirs - Tors: 1100-0200,

Fred - Lør: 1200-0200, Søn: 1400-2100

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